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The Materials Database.

The Materials Database keeps a record of all the materials the business uses for product manufacturing. The authors of SignQuote SA have entered a database of Falcon's list of materials and prices. The authors use this database in their sign products manufacturing as well as other added items from other suppliers. (Fig.6.1)

The user can click here to find help for editing, adding and deleting the materials used for generating prices. It is important to keep these up-to-date as your material costs change.

Estimate Calculator


To use materials in the price calculations the user has to click on the Materials button on the Estimate Calculator form. (Fig.6.2)

Estimate Calculator


When the materials database opens, the user can select the material to be used in the product in one of two ways.

1. If the ID number is known to the user, it can be typed into the number space in the toolbar. When the user presses Enter or double clicks on the number space, the blue marker will jump to the line number entered. (Fig.6.3)

Estimate Calculator


2. The user can also scroll down to the desired line and double click on it to select the material number.

When the row has been selected, clicking on the Material 1 button inserts the information into the Material 1 line including the price per square metre with the profit, handling expenses and VAT if applicable, already calculated. (Fig.6.4)

Estimate Calculator


If the user intends using only this single type of material for the product, clicking the OK button will then enter the material into the price calculation. If more than one type of material is to be used, the user can just repeat the above process.

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