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About us.

My name is Tom and I have been fascinated by computers ever since I bought my first Sinclair ZX81 Computer in 1982. It used a standard cassette recorder for recording programs. The monitor was an ordinary black and white television set.

The main experience gained from the ZX81, was that I had to write my own programs in basic. This had me writing computer programs to get anything done. Since then I've always tried to keep up with programming, which is now actually more of a hobby than hard work.

The programming languages have also been made so much easier to compile than in the old days. Software programming companies spend huge amounts and time to make it easier to use their products for developing software and applications.

Professionalism at work.

Sign Quote SA is a practical, step by step process, which ensures that your customer receives a correct and professional quote each time.

  • The application is exceptionally user friendly.
  • It does not have an elaborate learning curve.
  • The help section makes use of extremely helpful examples and screen shots.

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