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Getting Started.

When you first open the SignQuote SA program you will see this welcome page (Fig.1) from which the rest of the SignQuote SA program is run.

  1. Open the Estimate Calculator.
  2. Calculate a New Hourly Rate.
  3. Open a Saved Quotation.
  4. Open Help.
  5. Exit.
Estimate Calculator


Open the Estimate Calculator.

The Estimate Calculator is the main page where the all the costs are added together and the cost estimate is calculated, using the length, width, quantity as well as the hourly labour rate. (Fig.1a)

Estimate Calculator


Calculate a New Hourly Rate.

When using the SignQuote SA program for the first time, this form has to be filled in and calculated to set the parameters for the rest of the program. Note the three tabs consisting of the Overhead Expenses tab, the Labour Rate and Working Hours tab and the Average Default Printer Ink Cost tab. (Fig.1b, Fig.1c and Fig.1d)

Estimate Calculator


Estimate Calculator


Estimate Calculator


Open a Saved Quotation.

After calculating the cost estimate, the estimate summary page opens (Fig.1e) and shows the different prices as well as the total price estimate.

Estimate Calculator


When clicking on the Print a Quotation button, the print page opens. (Fig.1f) You can save the information on this form for future use and open the quotation at any time from the start page as well as print the information.

Estimate Calculator


Open Help.

Clicking on the Open Help button, opens up this help page.


Clicking on the Exit button, closes the SignQuote program.

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