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Question: How do I install SignQuote SA?

When you install SignQuote SA, the destination computer must have the .NET Framework installed. If the .NET Framework is not installed, the application will not run. The .NET Framework 4.5 is enabled by default in Windows 8.

You can install the .NET Framework on your computer in the following two ways:

Install the .NET Framework Manually:

Obtain the .NET Framework re-distributable package:

To download the .NET Framework re-distributable package, visit the Microsoft Web site below. Please read the System Requirements and Install instructions on the dowload page.


Install the re-distributable Dotnetfx.exe file from the Windows Component Update CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. It is located in the Wcu\dotNetFramework folder.

Run dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64.exe, if you downloaded the file, to install the .NET Framework.

Extract the files from the zipfile and run the SQSetup.exe to install SignQuote SA.

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