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Extensive hourly labour rate calculator.
  • User friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Small footprint. A mere 4 Megabytes.
  • Hourly rate calculator based on overhead expenses and salaries.
  • All overhead expenses listed.
  • Salaries and employer contribution lists.
  • Business hours calculations.
  • Profit and handling fees.
  • VAT choices, inclusive or exclusive.
  • Calculated summaries of overheads, salaries, profits, total earnings and labour rates.
  • Average ink cost per square metre for large format printers.
  • Save all summaries.
  • Print all summaries.
  • Business details for the printed quotation.
Wide range of signage estimating calculations.
  • Hour / minute input for different signage types.
  • User friendly information input.
  • Separate ink cost calculator for large format printers.
  • Databases for materials, substrates and consumables.
  • Minimal input for calculations. Length, width, quantity and time.
  • Easy user cost input section for direct pricing.
Easy to use product databases.
  • Easy to find products.
  • Easily edit, add or delete products.
  • Shows items, descriptions, suppliers, units and prices per square metre.
  • All the databases are printable for easy reference.
  • Shows selected item's total price per square metre including VAT, profit and handling expenses .
Estimated totals with comprehensive details.
  • Shows all units used for the calculation.
  • Unit summary column provides the total square metres, price per square metre and unit price.
  • Amount summary column shows total materials, substrates, consumables, user input, ink price and labour.
  • Cost price summary column shows all cost prices as well as difference in total earnings and total cost.
  • Other tabs show you a breakdown of all the database information as well as the different labour totals.
  • A professional looking quote can easily be printed or saved to PDF.
  • Manual adjustments to prices can be made before printing the product.

Some more details of what's inside Sign Quote SA.

The hourly labour rate calculator.
The hourly labour rate calculator.

Before using the Estimate Calculator, you need to enter your information into the Hourly Rate Calculator to work out your hourly rate.

The hourly rate calculator supplies you with:

  • A detailed list of overhead expenses you fill in with monthly or annual expenses.
  • Your salaries and employer contributions set out properly.
  • Your business hours calculated monthly or annually.
  • An efficient and correct hourly rate calculator.
  • Your handling expenses and profit percentages.
  • A default ink cost per square metre if you have a large format printer.

After calculating your rate, the program supplies you with a summary of your total annual overheads, salaries, earnings, profit and the important labour rate per hour. You can save these figures for editing later, as well as print it.

The estimate calculator.
The estimate calculator.

The estimate calculator does everything for you. You only need to know what the size of your product is and the time it takes to manufacture it.

Here you have all the functions for estimating different products like:

  • Printing.
  • Cutting.
  • Laminating.
  • Finishing.
  • Manufacturing of banners, billboards, flags, light-boxes etc.
  • Estimates for silk-screening, canvasses, installations, vehicle wrapping and more.

The estimate calculator also has three extensive databases for materials, substrates and consumables, with Falcon SA's latest price list included for everyday use in the signage business.

These databases allow you to change them to suit your specific signage needs.

The databases are:

  • Product friendly - all the products are listed and numbered.
  • Easy to edit products and prices.
  • A breeze to add new products and prices.
  • Delete unwanted products with one click.
  • Printable in detail with your chosen information in it.

The calculator also allows you to enter the ink cost per square metre for up to three printers working on a single manufacturing job.

Master of Summaries

Once you have entered all the necessary information in the estimate calculator and you click the calculate button, you are taken to a detailed summary, giving you all the minute details on how your total estimate was reached.

The estimated totals.
A break down of your figures.

On the first tab the following items:

  • Your total price estimate for the job.
  • VAT, if you are registered.

In the left hand column you find:

  • Your unit summary, total units to be made and the length and width of the product.
  • The total square metres used.
  • The price per square metre

In the middle column is a summary of the total amounts:

  • The total of all the materials to be used.
  • A total of the substrates.
  • The total estimated consumables.
  • The total printer ink price.
  • All your labour totals
  • The total of your user input.

In the right hand column you find:

  • The cost price of the materials, the substrates and the consumables to be used.
  • The cost price of your printers ink.
  • Your total cost price and the difference between your total price and total cost price.

In the second tab at the top you'll also be able to see a breakdown of all the materials, substrates and consumables to be used and in the last tab there is a breakdown of all the labour totals.

From the summary page you can now go to the print setup page and fill in your customer's details, before printing a professional, fully detailed quotation.

You can also save the quotation under a heading of your choice. This will always help you with future quotations and all repeat quotes are immediately available with one click.

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