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The Calculated Estimate Results.

When all the information for the manufacturing of the product has been entered by the user into the Estimate Calculator and the Calculate Costs button (Fig.4.1) is clicked, the quotation is calculated by the SignQuote SA program and the results are shown in the Estimated Totals for Quotation form. (Fig.4.2)

Estimate Calculator


Note the three tabs, namely, All Totals Summary, Materials Substrates and Consumables and Labour Totals. These tabs show all the calculated information for the estimated quotation.

Estimate Calculator


The main window shows a summary of the calculated information. (Fig.4.2 above)

Clicking on the Materials Substrates and Consumables tab, opens a window showing the information on the materials used, the substrates used as well as the consumables used in the manufacturing of the product. (Fig.4.3)

Estimate Calculator


Clicking on the Labour Totals tab, opens a window showing the total labour spent on manufacturing the product. (Fig.4.4)

Estimate Calculator


From the Estimated Totals for Quotation window, the user can then exit or by clicking on the Print a Quotation button, open the printing summary page. (Fig.4.5)

Estimate Calculator


Click here for the help file on the printing of the quotation.

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