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Printing a Saved Quotation.

When the user clicks on the Print a Quotation button on the Estimated Totals for Quotation page (Fig.5.1) or Open a Saved Quotation on the Welcome page, (Fig.5.2) the Print a Quotation form opens. (Fig.5.3)


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In Fig.5.3 we have added information to use as an example for printing a quotation.

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When clicking on an icon on the form, the following happens:

The printer with the magnifying glass opens the print preview dialogue.

The form icon opens the page setup dialogue.

The printer icon opens the printer dialogue. (Fig.5.4)

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Clicking the file icon opens a saved quotation.

Clicking the disk icon saves a quotation under a new name.

Clicking on the X closes the Print a Quotation form. (Fig.5.5)

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When clicking the file menu on the form, the following happens: (Fig.5.6)

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The menu items are the same as the toolbar icons and perform the same functions.(Fig.5.7 and Fig.5.8)

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If we now click back to the All Totals Summary tab and click on the Print a Quotation button, (Fig.5.8) the quotation form opens and shows us the information which will be printed. (Fig.5.9)

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Estimate Calculator


On the left side there is nothing in the text boxes and this needs to be filled in before a quotation can be printed or saved to PDF.

We would however, like to round the total amount to the nearest R10.00. We can change it on the Print a Quotation form. (Fig.5.10)

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We now fill in the client's details for his quotation. (Fig.5.11)

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Save the quotation under a new name which we call Hardy Sign, plus we can add the date. (Fig.5.12)

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By clicking on the Print Preview icon in the toolbar or by using the menu, a preview of our print form opens. (Fig.5.13)

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We exit the print preview and on the Print a Quotation form we click on the printer icon in the toolbar or click on it in the menu. The print dialogue opens and we can then choose to print the form or save it as a PDF file which we can email to our client. (Fig.5.14) To save as a PDF file, the user needs a Print to PDF program, which can be downloaded as free-ware from several internet sites.

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