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Do you still calculate your signage quotes manually?

If you are, you're wasting precious production time and could therefore be losing money in the process.

Using our software, Sign Quote SA, developed in South Africa for South African Signage Businesses you'll save time and money! Over and over again.

With Sign Quote SA you can have a quotation ready for a client in seconds, compared to ages any other way.

Another mistake which happens too often, is that signage businesses fail to estimate their quotes for their clients correctly, basing their quotations on things like:

  1. This is what my friend bases his estimates on.
  2. This is what other signage businesses in the area are quoting.
  3. This "feels" like the right amount to charge.
  4. We use Excel and a calculator, which works perfectly for us.
Knowledge is power

Sign Quote SA enables you to calculate your quote estimates based on knowledge.

"The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance." Confucius

When using Sign Quote SA, you'll be able to:

Made in South Africa for South African Sign-makers

Sign Quote SA was developed by South African sign makers for the South African signage industry.

This means you are not working with an application developed in another country, but one which suits our local circumstances, using our locally available products and systems.

Have you ever tried finding chromadek or perspex in the USA?

We have successfully been using this software since first developing it in 2011. Now that we have ironed out all the teething problems, you can also benefit from it - at a fraction of the price of having your own estimating software developed.

Professionalism at work.

Sign Quote SA is a practical, step by step process, which ensures that your customer receives a correct and professional quote each time.

Order your copy of SignQuote SA now for only R749!

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The Estimate Calculator

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Working with the Databases

Work through some Estimate Tutorials

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Work through some Estimate Tutorials

Silk-screening Correx Boards

Full Colour Correx Boards

Printing and Assembling Roll-up Banners

Manufacturing and Installing a Sign Board


Extensive hourly labour rate calculator.

Wide range of signage estimating calculations.

Easy to use product databases.

Estimated totals with comprehensive details.