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Calculating a Quotation for printing Full Colour Correx Boards.

The user's business has a large format printer to do full colour printing. The user needs to supply a quotation to a client for  manufacturing 10 full colour, single sided, size 800 x 600mm correx boards with eyelets.

We have entered the following parameters in the Hourly Rate Calculator, according to our overhead expenses, employees, profit, handling expenses, VAT and the average ink cost per square metre.

  1. Our Hourly Rate is R300.00
  2. We are a small business with two employees and the owner is also part of production.
  3. We have a profit mark-up of 33%.
  4. Our handling expenses are 10%.
  5. The average ink cost per square metre for our single large format printer is R45.00.
  6. We are not registered for VAT.

Run the SignQuote SA program. Click on Open the Estimate Calculator to open the Calculator. (Fig.11.1)


The Estimate Calculator opens. Enter the following information in the form: (Fig.11.2)

Length: 800

Width: 600

Quantity: 200

Artwork: R150.00 (a once off cost which is used "as is". No profit or handling charges are added)


In the Labour Cost group, we open the Printing form and enter the time it will take to print the 10 full colour prints. (Fig.11.3 and Fig.11.4) Except for the printing, we also need to work out a price for the application of the vinyl onto the boards. In our shop, we do this on a wet basis where we spray soapy water onto the board, apply the vinyl and then squeegee out the bubbles. (Fig.11.4a)




We are going to use the average default ink cost per square metre and we therefore do not have to change the ink cost per square metre.

In the Database group open the Materials database. (Fig.11.5)


It is not necessary to use a long life vinyl for correx boards. We can therefore safely print on a 1 year vinyl. We choose the cheapest one year printable vinyl in the materials database for printing. We then click on Material 1 and the name, description and price will be entered into the row. (Fig.11.6)


In the Database group open the Substrates database. (Fig.11.5a)


In the database we look for 800 x 600 correx boards and click on the row. We then click on Substrate 1 and the name, description and price will be entered into the row. (Fig.11.6a)


We also need the price of the eyelets we are inserting in the boards. Open the Consumables database (Fig.11.7)


In the database we look for Sail Eyelets and click on the row. We then click on Consumable 1 and the name, description, unit and price will be entered into the row. (Fig.11.8)


But instead of doing the total calculation, we still have to supply the quantity of eyelets we are going to use for the boards. A form pops up to ask the quantity. (Fig.11.9) Because the price works on percentages we must enter the percentage and not the quantity we are going to use. Eyelets are sold in packets of 100 each so in this case we'll enter 40 as a percentage.


We now have all the factors in place to calculate the estimated price of the 10 boards. Click on Calculate Costs on the calculator form. The Estimated Totals form opens on the All Totals Summary page. (Fig.11.10)


By selecting the Materials, Substrates and Consumables tab at the top of the page, we can see the name and description of the material, substrate and the consumables and what the prices are, as well as the cost price of these items. (Fig.11.11)


By selecting the Labour Totals tab, we can see what these prices are. The form shows us the Printing and the Application amounts. (Fig.11.12)


If we now click back to the All Totals Summary tab and click on the Print a Quotation button, (Fig.11.13) the quotation form opens and shows us the information which will be printed. (Fig.11.14)


On the left side there is nothing in the text boxes and this needs to be filled in before a quotation can be printed or saved to PDF.


We now fill in the client's details for his quotation. (Fig.11.15)


By clicking on the Print Preview icon in the toolbar or by using the menu, a preview of our print form opens. (Fig.11.16)


We exit the print preview and on the Print a Quotation form we click on the printer icon in the toolbar or click on it in the menu. The print dialogue opens and we can then choose to print the form or save it as a PDF file which we can email to our client. (Fig.11.17) To save as a PDF file, the user needs a Print to PDF program, which can be downloaded as free-ware from several suppliers.


This ends the tutorial on calculating an estimate price for the manufacturing of full colour correx boards. To do the next tutorial, where we calculate a quotation for the printing and assembling of a roll-up or pull-up banner, please click here.

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