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Calculating a quotation for printing and installing a sign board.

The user's business has a large format printer with which they do full colour printing. The user needs to quote a client for the supply of a full colour sign board, printed, laminated with clear vinyl, applied onto chromadek, size 3000 x 1225 mm and installed on poles concreted into the ground in front of his office.

We have entered the following parameters in the Hourly Rate Calculator, according to our overhead expenses, employees, profit, handling expenses, VAT and the average ink cost per square metre.

  1. Our Hourly Rate is R300.00
  2. We are a small business with two employees and the owner is also part of production.
  3. We have a profit mark-up of 33%.
  4. Our handling expenses are 10%.
  5. The average ink cost per square metre for our single large format printer is R45.00.
  6. We are not registered for VAT.

Run the SignQuote SA program. Click on Open the Estimate Calculator to open the Calculator. (Fig.13.1)


The Estimate Calculator opens. Enter the following information in the form: (Fig.13.2)

Length: 3000

Width: 1225

Quantity: 1

Artwork: R150.00 (a once off cost which is used "as is". No profit or handling charges are added)

Transport/Delivery: The sign has to be transported to the site where it has to be installed. This site is 30 kilometres from our shop and we charge R3.00 per kilometre for transport. We'll add R150.00 for transport. (Also "as is")

We also need to work out a price for laminating the vinyl. We do not have a laminator and, because of the rather large area that must be laminated, we outsource the work at a print shop who charges us R80.00 per square metre for laminating. The total for the laminating comes to R294.00 and we add this into the User Cost Input in the Work Outsourced box. (Fig.13.2)


In the Labour Cost group, we open the Printing form and enter the time it will take to print the vinyl for the board. Except for the printing. We also need to add the time for the application of the vinyl onto the chromadek and the installation of the board. (Fig.13.2a, 13.3, 13.4 and 13.4a)





We are going to use the average default ink cost per square metre and we therefore do not have to change the ink cost per square metre.

We need the price of the vinyl so in the Database group open the Materials database. (Fig.13.5)


We chose to print on a three year vinyl because this is best suited for outside use when laminated. It will be cost effective in the long run because it should last for about 5 years before fading. We then click on Material 1 and the name, description and price will be entered into the row. (Fig.13.6)


We also need the price of the chromadek. Open the Substrates database and select the 3000 x 1225 mm chromadek. (Fig.13.6a)


We also need the price of the frame, poles and concrete for installation. Open the Consumables database (Fig.13.7)


In the database we look for Aluminium Square Tubing. We then click on Consumable 1 and the name, description, unit and price will be entered into the row. We'll need two lengths of square tubing, so enter 200 as a percentage in the pop up form. We also need to get the price on 32mm square tubing which are going to be used as poles. We need 1 6 metre pole so we enter 100 on the percentage form. (Fig.13.9, 13.9a and 13.9b)




We also need concrete mix to plant the poles as well as connect-its for the manufacturing of the frame. Because the price works on percentages we must enter the percentage and not the quantity we are going to use. We therefore enter 100 as a percentage in each case. (Fig.13.10 and 13.10a)



We now have all the factors in place to calculate the estimated price of the sign board. Click on Calculate Costs on the calculator form. The Estimated Totals form opens on the All Totals Summary page. (Fig.13.11)


By selecting the Materials, Substrates and Consumables tab at the top of the page, we can see what these prices are, as well as the cost price of these items. (Fig.13.11a)


By selecting the Labour Totals tab, we can see what these prices are. The form shows us the application, printing and the installation amounts. (Fig.13.12)


If we now click back to the All Totals Summary tab and click on the Print a Quotation button, (Fig.13.13) the quotation form opens and shows us the information which will be printed. (Fig.13.14)


On the left side there is nothing in the text boxes and this needs to be filled in before a quotation can be printed or saved to PDF.


We would however, like to round the total amount to the nearest R10.00. We can change it on the Print a Quotation form. (Fig.13.14a)


We now fill in the client's details for his quotation. (Fig.13.15)


Save the quotation under a new name which we call Hardy Sign, plus we can add the date. (Fig.13.16)


By clicking on the Print Preview icon in the toolbar or by using the menu, a preview of our print form opens. (Fig.13.17)


We exit the print preview and on the Print a Quotation form we click on the printer icon in the toolbar or click on it in the menu. The print dialogue opens and we can then choose to print the form or save it as a PDF file which we can email to our client. (Fig.13.18) To save as a PDF file, the user needs a Print to PDF program, which can be downloaded as free-ware from several internet sites.


This ends the tutorial on calculating an estimate price for printing, applying and installing a sign board. This was the last tutorial and if the user did all four tutorials, calculating a new estimate should now be a piece of cake.

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