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About us.

Sign Quote SA was developed by South African sign makers for the South African signage industry.

We provide signage quotation software for small businesses, with the emphasis on ease of use, automation and speed.

This means you are not working with an application developed in another country, but one which suits our local circumstances, using our locally available products and systems.

Due to both the relatively small amount of commercially available applications and in some cases the high cost of some applications, we sought to develop a cost-effective in-house solution for our signage business.

When we originally designed and programmed the first version, we intended only using it for ourselves, but after showing it around a bit and getting really positive feedback, we decided it would be worth making it available to other signage businesses as well. We have successfully been using the program since first developing it in 2011.

It has gone through a few phases already. This version is the fith one and we have found that we actually can't do without it anymore.

You can now also benefit from the hours spent on developing this product - at a fraction of the price of having your own developed.

Don't you think a dedicated software application package to suit your signage quotation needs for way under a thousand Rand is quite a bargain?

About the programming of Sign Quote SA.

Our printing business is Print n Sign. My name is Tom and I have been fascinated by computers ever since I bought my first Sinclair ZX81 Computer in 1982. It used a standard cassette recorder for recording programs. The monitor was an ordinary black and white television set.

The main experience gained from the ZX81, was that I had to write my programs in basic. This had me writing computer programs to get anything done. Since then I've always tried to keep up with programming, which is now actually more of a hobby than hard work.

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Work through some Estimate Tutorials

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Extensive hourly labour rate calculator.

Wide range of signage estimating calculations.

Easy to use product databases.

Estimated totals with comprehensive details.